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the thrill of the chase pumping through your veins

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you always know it. otherwise it wouldn’t be penance.

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elementary at comic-con




The Elementary panel will be held in Ballroom 20 on Thursday, July 12 at 4:40pm. In addition to Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, executive producers Robert Doherty and Carl Beverly will be on the panel.


oh god, the potential for fandom to fail hard at this Q&A is appalling to contemplate.

((crawls under desk))

if Sherlock fans turn this into a shitshow, I swear to god


Oh my god, Sherlock fans PLEASE BE CIVIL. Jonny Lee Miller is a FRIEND of Benedict’s, Benedict will be upset if you’re dicks.

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YOU GUYS NEARLY 11,000 OF YOU PUT UP WITH ME ON A DAILY BASIS. You guys listen to more of my crap than my own boyfriend generally does. That deserves rewarding. So this is an extra SPECIAL tea give away, and there will be THREE winners. Oh my god. Want a chance to become one of those lucky three people? Read on and follow directions.


  • First Place Prize: A set of all seven Sherlock Shipper tea blends [Sherlock/Moriarty, Sherlock/Irene, Moriarty/Moran, Mycroft/Lestrade, Lestrade/John, Lestrade/Molly, Molly/Moriarty]
  • Second Place Prize: A set of all four* Avengers Teas [Thor, Loki, Steve Rogers, and Coulson *and possibly also Tony Stark if I make a tea for him soon]
  • Third Place Prize: A set of all three Doctor Who Teas [The TARDIS, Amy Pond, and Rory]
  • IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE PRIZE PACKS: Each winner will get ONE blend specially created for them. It can be a character or ship or show or book or whatever that I haven’t done that they’d like me to do. It can even be a blend made based on THEM. Whatever the winners would like. They each get to request one, and they will receive it with their other teas.

I MIGHT ADD TO THESE PRIZES. If this gets reblogged like, a lot, or something, I might lose my head and also send the winners mugs to go with their tea. Or a book. WE’LL SEE.


  • Anyone ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD can enter EXCEPT AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND!! I am SUPER sorry for my followers down under because not only do you have to put up with terrifying wild life, you can’t even allow tea to be imported to help comfort you. Sorry, there’s like, crazy laws and stuff.
  • You do not have to be following me to win, but it might be helpful to keep track of updates or changes (if any). Plus I plan to make some blends for other fandoms in the future, so if tea is your thing, it might not be a bad idea?
  • Only two reblogs a day allowed.I did not realize how often people would reblog my last big give away soooo I’m going to enforce this LOL. You can reblog on as many days as you’d like, but yeah, only 2 reblogs a day please. I’ll be checking.
  • LIKES DON’T COUNT. Sorry! You have to reblog!
  • The give away will end and I will choose the winners on FRIDAY JUNE 1STI’ll probably do the drawing late at night on that day, so I’m going to say I’ll stop counting reblogs at 10 p.m. EST. Winners may not be announced until the next day or so, just to be aware!
  • Here’s how the winners will be selected: Just like all of my other give aways, I’ll compile a spreadsheet or numbered list of all of the reblogs, and I’ll use the number generator on random.org to chose a number and find the corresponding username on the list. The first number I draw will win the first place prize (or, if they are more into Avengers or Doctor Who, they may chose one of the other prizes). Second number I draw will win the second place prize (or a choice between whatever two packs remain), and the third number drawn will receive the last prize!

“We should call the police”

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Sherlock Holmes, A Great Man

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Sherlock: I just met you
Sherlock: and this is crazy
Sherlock: but here's my flat number
Sherlock: so live with me maybe
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All lives end, all hearts are broken. Caring is not an advantage, Sherlock.

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FAKE MOVIE POSTER: The Forgotten Childhood of Sherlock Holmes

starring: Asa Butterfield, Helena Bonham Carter, Laurence Belcher and Chloe Moretz


“There was once a boy in the Baker 221 k Street… His name? Sherlock Holmes. He was the cleverest boy you would ever met. He was the loneliest boy I ever met. My name is John Watson and I’m gonna tell you my best friend’s story.”

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BBC Sherlock Minimalist.
(Click to enlarge. If you want the poster or the wallpaper versions, send me an ask)

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“Sherlock” executive producer Beryl Vertue tells the BBC’s Virtue Magazine that the third season of the Benedict Cumberbatch/Martin Freeman update of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle tales won’t even go into production until 2013. 

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